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5 Changes to Post-Corona Events

We are living in a different world than we were yesterday, and it’s a given that our world won’t look the same for a while (if ever?!) after the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long will stickers remain on the floors of our stores? How long will the number of people inside them be restricted? When will our favorite restaurants and bars fully open back up? When can I travel to my bucket list destinations? And the big one...

When will events be able to happen again?

These are all questions that nobody has the answer to. This can be frustrating, scary and overwhelming. But one thing is for sure – when events can happen again, there will certainly be some changes and they might not look how we are used to. 

Here’s the top 5 things that I think will be looking a little different than normal, and things that planners are going to have to take into consideration!

*Please keep in mind these are my opinions, not actual facts!*

  1. The big one... face masks. Get ready to see them from most (if not all) of the vendors and people working your event, and even some of your attendees! The virus isn’t going to disappear into thin air, and we are going to have to be extra cautious when working around large groups of people. 

  2. Table and chair spacing. For planners, it’s like a big puzzle when you need to fit 163 people at 20 rounds of 8 people. The math just doesn’t work, and you end up squeezing a chair here and there to make a few tables of 9. But say goodbye to that. Chairs at a table might have to be a certain distance apart, and tables themselves might have to be a certain distance apart. No more magic tricks for us!

  3. Buffets. While a great option to sometimes save costs at a casual event, I don’t imagine they will be seen anytime soon, or at least not how we expect. 100+ people touching the same spoon, out of the same dish? Not happening! If you’re at an event with a buffet, be prepared to have servers at every item, serving your guests as they fill their plates.

  4. Receiving lines. This is a tradition at weddings that might be on it’s unfortunate way out. Tight packed lines, all hugging the same 6 people, back to back to back... No need to reiterate that one!

  5. Venue capacities. I think venues will have to lower their capacities to keep more walking and moving space. Venues that have a capacity of 200 might have to lower them to 150, and so on. This may cause problems for couples that maxed out a venue capacity for their wedding!

There’s always a million factors to consider when planning an event, and I think post pandemic event planning will pose even more challenges. But that’s where an event professional can help! We are here to think about all those little things to keep you, your vendors, your guests and us as safe as possible. Let us use our creativity to make your event the best you imagine it to be!

What do you think are some aspects about events that COVID-19 is going to change? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and stay healthy!



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