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You Don't Need a Wedding Planner

I feel like hiring a wedding planner has the perception that it's a luxury for only the wealthy and highest class. It's not an expense that is often allocated for, especially in the smaller towns and communities of Southwestern Ontario. Wedding planners are typically hired more in the larger cities, and not so much in our small town communities.

Why would couples want to spend money on someone to do all the work that they can do themselves? Planning a wedding isn't that hard, so why should couples pay someone to do it? In reality, your wedding planner should only cost 10-20% of your entire wedding budget. In the grand scheme of things, that's a pretty low cost for something so beneficial that could change the outcome of your big day!

I'm not going to tell you that without a wedding planner your day is going to be horrible, everything will go wrong, blah blah blah. You don't absolutely need a wedding planner - I've been to many amazing weddings that DIDN'T have wedding planners! So why should you hire one, you may ask? Here's 7 reasons why hiring a wedding planner is worth every penny and should be worked into your budget!

  1. First and foremost, no one has to work at the wedding. Having a wedding planner on site for your wedding means that you, your families and your friends get to fully enjoy every aspect of the day! Mom isn't worried about the caterer having dinner ready on time, the maid of honor isn't worrying about technical difficulties with the DJ, and so on. You get to enjoy your wedding with all the people you love the most, without having to also worry about running it. Let someone else take care of that and be 100% present in your wedding!

  2. Expertise in the field. Most likely, you haven't done this before and this is the only wedding you will be planning. Wedding planners have planned many weddings from start to finish, they can tell you the do's and don'ts and they've likely seen it all (or most of it). You have this incredible resource at your fingertips with so much valuable information, tips and tricks, and you don't even have to learn them the hard way!

  3. Connections with vendors - wedding planners have a lot of great connections in the industry. These relationships and connections will help you build the wedding of your dreams, and you know you're getting reliable and quality vendors. Wedding planners all have their preferred vendor lists and vendors that they use over and over again, so you're getting that extra bit of accountability; these vendors aren't going to want to wreck their relationships with your planner, meaning you'll be getting 110% from them!

  4. Enjoy the process - having a wedding planner allows you and your fiance to enjoy the planning process, not stress and procrastinate it. It can be very overwhelming and cause tension and arguments. Why would you want to risk that when you're planning the biggest day of your relationship?! It is such a fun, emotional and memorable process that you should get to enjoy and remember as that!

  5. Save money - having a wedding planner to guide and advise you could save you from some very costly mistakes! Wedding planners know what to look for in vendors and contracts* and know if something looks too good to be true. So even though hiring a planner is an extra expense, it could save you a ton of money in the long run.

  6. Keeps you on budget - wedding planning typically follows a formula (in our brains, at least), and we know how much should be allocated to each category. We will dig and work to find you the best prices and value for your wedding, and make sure it aligns with your budget.

  7. Someone to lean on. Of course, you have your families and friends. But your wedding planner works with YOUR best interests in mind, and yours alone! Not the venue's, not the caterer's, not your mother's. While we want to keep everyone happy, we're not afraid to defend you and your vision to the overstepping bridesmaid or mother in law. We will be vouching for you and your dream, and we won't stop until it's achieved.

Instead of looking at a wedding planner as an expense, you should look at it as an investment. You're putting so much time and money into your wedding, so don't you want to make it as perfect as you possibly can?

When choosing a wedding planner, make sure your planner is WPIC certified (I've linked the WPIC website here). WPIC planners are held accountable by the institution and abide by a code of conduct. It's also alright to shop around for planners - sometimes, planners and couples personalities' don't clique! Don't feel like you have to go with the first planner you have a consult with; any professional in the industry will understand if (and probably expect) you to shop around.

If you have questions about WPIC, wondering what it means to be a WPIC planner or looking to get your certificate, let's chat!

If full wedding coordination is out of your budget (or you're an avid planner!), we also offer Month-Of Coordination services. Basically, we come in about 6 weeks before the wedding, go over everything with you, confirm all final details and then be on site for the wedding. For more details on this service, click here or reach out to us directly! We'd love to chat packages and options with you!

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*Disclaimer - Brightside Events is not a lawyer, or practicing in law, and does not dispense legal advice.


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